Reflection of Terezin was made at one of the historical museums which feature original mirrors and fixtures from 75 years ago.  Terezín was a World War II Nazi concentration camp 30 miles north of Prague.  Camp tours are a monument to the 144,000 Jews killed or sent to Treblinka and Auschwitz.  To capture this reflection, the image was shot into the mirror.

Terezín is located in the Czech Republic. There is significant history involving this Camp, including a collection of drawings by “Children Of The Holocaust”.  Therefore, I strongly recommend visiting: for more history and information regarding this historical site.

This is an example of my street photography.   For me, street photography is like a people safari; traveling the world hoping to capture the “decisive moment”.  I always keeps my eyes open for poignant situations

I look for ‘my photographs’. The goal is to view slices of life that intrigue me and convey joy, humor or possibly sorrow to the audience.  I’ve been shooting on the street for six years.