Making Up is hard to do when you’re traveling on a train.  Going from Penn Station to visit the FDR museum in Hyde Park, NY is a beautiful ride.  Heading up the Hudson River to Poughkeepsie takes less than 2 hours.  From there, you catch a dedicated city bus to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

This is an example of David Kalb’s street photography.   For David, street photography is like a people safari; traveling the world hoping to capture the “decisive moment”.  With camera in hand, Kalb always keeps his eyes open for an unusual subject, poignant situation or humorous action.

I look for ‘my photographs’. The goal is to view slices of life that intrigue me and convey joy, humor or possibly sorrow to the audience.  I’ve been shooting on the street for six years.  David Kalb Photography’s favorite subjects, and favorite images, are of a lone individual or two people interacting.