On this partly sunny day in New York, there were literally hundreds of visitors Relaxing Outside The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  With my FujiFilm XT-10 camera at the ready, I noticed this gentleman, arms folded, with several woman nearby — on their phones.  His unassuming and laid back demeanor caught my eye as did the empty space on both sides.

New York City ends up being a destination about every 4 years and I always plan a trip to The Met.  This year I discovered the “Met Breuer”, which primarily houses some of their modern and contemporary art.  Both are a must when visiting NYC.  Also, the Met is now open seven days a week and and one admission gets you into both.

The Met is a fabulous art museum and has, as part of it permanent collection, some of the most famous works in the world.  Two of their current exhibitions feature works by Eugene Delacroix.  In conjunction with the Musee du Louvre and Karen B. Cohen Collection, they feature over 150 paintings, drawing and prints.  Many of which have never been seen in the US.  Delacroix’s paintings are on display through January 6, 2019.  The drawing collection runs through November 12.  http://www.metmuseum.org will provide you with more information.

As I’ve indicated in previous posts, I enjoy observing art but also enjoy watching museum goers observing the art.  For anyone visiting the Met, you know this is a destination for people who lounge or lunch or visit on the steps and surrounding fountain areas.  It’s a wonderful place to people watch and always interesting for street photographers like myself.

This is an example of David Kalb’s street photography.   For David, street photography is like a people safari; traveling the world hoping to capture the “decisive moment”.  With camera in hand, Kalb always keeps his eyes open for an unusual subject, poignant situation or humorous action.

For more detailed information on David’s street photography, visit www.DavidKalbPhotography.com. Note one of the galleries includes images from art museums in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Saint Petersburg, Russia – and New York.