I often describe street photography as a “people safari” and always have my camera at the ready.  Hiking for 4 hours does not lend itself to capturing many street images.  Certainly not what Henri Cartier-Bresson would call the decisive moment.   As a result, this gentlemen on the Aspen bus stands alone as my one image for this day.

On a recent trip to Colorado, while returning from a fantastic hike in Maroon Bells, this gentleman boarded the bus.  He was distinguished in an awkward sort of way.  Someone you might want to sit and talk with in order to learn about his life story.  It was the combination of his red hair, grey beard and massive (unseen) walking stick that captured my focus.  We were heading back to Aspen while he was heading elsewhere.  Suddenly, at a round-about, a pick-up lost its entire load of wood and blocked the road to his destination.  He choose to disembark with his walking stick and mounds of paper.  However, before he did, I was able to make this one image.