A romantic couple in Ashland’s Lithia Park, spending a beautiful sun-drenched spring day enjoying each others company.  Located 12 miles north of the California border, this 100 acre “crown jewel” as the City refers to it, consists of beautiful lawns, ponds, picnic areas as well as a series of hiking trails.  Above all, it sits in the shadow of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF).

We visit Ashland each year to take in several world-class plays at the OSF. In the past, I’ve always ventured through town – and the Park – but have rarely pursued my street photography.  However, in 2018, I took off on what I refer to as a “people safari” with my FujiFilm X-T10, always keeping my eyes open for the ironic, unusual or poignant.  First of all, I noticed the musician on the other end of the pond. He was playing his guitar with the waterfall off to the right.  As I continued walking, I came upon this couple on a bench, with the woman lightly touching her partner and both gazing deeply into each others eyes.

People are sometimes aware of my presence. Occasionally, I will engage the person or people and then ask if “I can take their picture”. Often, as is the case here, the image is totally candid. I feel fortunate they did not notice, because having the couple looking at each other with the guitarist in the background made for a moving image.

Whether or not you’re interested in street photography, Ashland is a beautiful college community with nice restaurants, shops, many other photo opportunities, and of course the famous Oregon Shakespeare festival (www.osfashland.org).

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