A Couple On Sonoma Coast, sitting together, yet in their own world.  They are physically apart; however connected on this sunny day.  It’s an image that can elicit emotions from wonder to tranquility to a touch of warmth. These large driftwood logs are known on the Coast as the seesaw. The woman is lazily rocking up and down while the man, gazing out to sea, is gently providing balance.

Street photography can be what you want it to be. Images do not need to be on the “street” as one can see from this photograph. I love walking along the sandy shores and, like Martin Parr, savor the scene one sees on the coast.  On the street, beach, or in a public space like a museum, you never know what — or whom — you’ll encounter.

I’m always keeping my eyes open for the unusual; the ironic; the poignant.The joyfulness I get when that one image out of 100 jumps from the camera (as it did this day) is like magic. There’s an excitement knowing that each camera click has the potential of making a unique image that cannot be duplicated.

Whether or not you’re interested in “street” photography, the Sonoma Coast is a beautiful place to visit, explore and photograph. There are well over a dozen State parks and beaches along CA Highway 1. You can travel through a number of small communities including Jenner https://www.sonomacounty.com/cities/jenner, Timber Cove and Fort Ross, where the historic State Park is easily accessible (www.fortross.org). Beautiful photographic opportunities can also be found at Salt Point State Park.(http://www.saltpoint.org).

For more information on David’s street photography, please visit www.DavidKalbPhotography.com. Among his galleries and other blog posts, are images from San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Miami. There are also street images from various cities and towns including Paris, St. Petersburg, Havana, and along The Danube River.