Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Cuba. My understanding is that baseball was introduced to Cuba in 1866 and has been played professionally since the late 1870’s. More than once on my visit in 2017, did I observe boys playing what could rightly be deemed Cuba’s national sport. In this instance, I sat on the steps of a local business for 20 minutes observing and taking in the action.

Two teenage boys on a public square playing ball among the soon-to-be-opened artist booths in Camaguay. They were sharing one bat and one ball. First one would take his turn tossing the ball in the air and hitting to his friend who would retrieve it and throw it back. After a half-dozen hits – or misses, the boys would trade places hitting and fielding. The ball looked like it had once been possessed by The Beast from the 1993 movie The Sandlot. The wooden bat was one you might see in a second hand store, in the 50-cent bin. But the kids – and the Cuban people in general — make use of what they have. When you visit Cuba on a tour it’s (unofficially) customary to be the bearer of gifts. I truly wish I had brought a baseball to replace the worn one they were using.

Baseball is an integral part of the island’s culture and has produced a number of great players over the decades. Yet unfortunately, due to the US economic embargo, only a relative few have made their way to our shores. This being said, given the opportunity, maybe this young man could one day end up being a MLB Hall of Fame like the Reds Tony Perez or All-Star like the Twins, Tony Oliva

As with all my photos during the past few years, I relied on my FujiFilm X-T10. A great camera for Street Photography.